Are you tired of being in physical and/or emotional pain?

Do you know there’s got to be more to life than pain, but have no idea how to get there?

Are you open to exploring all possible causes of your pain?

What’s Coming Between You & Freedom From Chronic Pain?

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Even if you’ve been for other pain treatments that haven’t been successful, it is possible to find relief from your pain.

And no matter how much misery your pain has caused you, your body is not your enemy. In fact, it just may be your greatest ally in your quest for a life full of freedom, joy and authenticity.

Through either my Holistic Bodywork, or through my programs, I can help you finally solve the mystery of your pain.


What Clients Are Saying

The techniques and careful and mindful treatments you combine have made a world of difference for me.

I have found the results of her work to be bordering on miraculous. Now, I have no more headaches, my eyes aren’t sensitive to light and I have overall greater awareness of my whole body.

Going to Barbara for cranial sacral has been a monthly help to me for many years for long term dizziness, back spasms, after surgeries, a torn meniscus and arthritis.

Barbara Gosselin, P.T.

My interest in holistic healing began as the result of a simple suggestion by a friend, but was driven on by my own struggle with back pain. Back in the 1980s, I was on a very conventional path, having just received my Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy. My career path was heading towards traditional orthopedic physical therapy and sports medicine, which was a natural extension of my background as an athlete, having played field hockey and softball in college. I had been dealing with back pain since I was in high school. I had been to a couple of doctors, and was told that I had “tight hamstrings and maybe a little bit of arthritis” – that was it. Nothing was said or done that helped me understand it or heal from it…..

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Barbara Gosselin is a Bodyworker and Physical Therapist in Lexington Massachusetts. She provides Holistic Bodywork, Craniosacral Therapy and Physical Therapy treatments to those seeking pain relief in Lexington and surrounding towns, including Cambridge, Somerville, Belmont, Arlington, Burlington and Medford.


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