Meet Your Body

Meet Your Body

Meet Your Body is a process I’ve done for years with my one-on-one bodywork clients, and I’ve found that when people make this shift in their relationship to their body, pain that has been frustrating them because it won’t go away no matter what they do begins to soften and improve. I’ve seen people who have had pain for decades and have just about given up recover and lead a life free from pain.

Meet Your Body is a program that you can use any time to shift and lighten your pain and ultimately transform your body and your life.

What you get:

  • A 5 minute introductory video that walks you through the “ABCs” that are the framework of this process: Awareness, Breathe and Curiosity.
  • A 10 minute audio exercise that guides you to use this framework to be with yourself and your body in a different way that will help you move out of frustration and toward freedom.

This program will be available for purchase soon.


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